To the editor:
SHARON - A recent letter in a daily newspaper about gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley’s alleged conflict of interest regarding the DCW should be taken seriously. The office of governor is extremely important to the economic health of any state and in my opinion, we have suffered heartily for the past three decades in the Commonwealth.
Between the revolving door governors and our current ultra-progressive Deval Patrick, our state is an outright mess.
Just review a few states around the country that are thriving and we would all see it doesn’t have to be this way. Yet once again the voters are not being presented with candidates we deserve, but instead the same old recycled power driven brokers that never seem to get tired of taking advantage of the taxpayer.
Attorney General Coakley is just another in a steady stream of "next in line" politicians that have run their course but do not realize it is actually time for them to leave the stage.
Perhaps the two most dangerous words in the English language are "lifetime politician." I believe Coakley fits this mold to a T. Remember this is the same candidate for senate that decided raising funds in New York city was more important than shaking hands with the "common folk" outside of Fenway.
And let’s not forget the reporter violently pushed to ground in NY which she "wasn’t aware of" until the photo was published clearly showing the AG looking straight at the victim as he hit the ground.
I simply do not trust Martha Coakley, especially not in the governor seat. "Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results" is considered the definition of insanity.
Voting for the next in line has brought us where we are today. Sadly far behind other states when at one time the Commonwealth was the leader in dozens of fields. Too many decades of "me" politics.
We deserve the life promised for decades and not the progressive version of powered elite we suffer under today. Let’s look elsewhere for our next Governor and not the same old tired lifetime politicians.
Patrick VanTyle