HOPKINTON – He's being called the "little-known selectman from Hopkinton," but that doesn't bother Brian Herr.
Herr, 51, a Republican who has served on the Board of Selectman for two terms, is pressing on with a campaign to run for U.S. Senate against Democrat Ed Markey.
"As a little-known Hopkinton selectman I realize what millions of little-known Massachusetts residents go through every day," Herr said Monday afternoon.
On Saturday, he was endorsed by the state's Republican delegation during its convention. "The endorsement means we can go past any primary election and move into a general election campaign," he said.
He said he believes in running government differently.
"I think we should run government more like a private sector business," Herr said. "In order to do that we need to put in place some fundamental political reforms."
In his speech on Saturday, he suggested term limits for U.S. senators and congressmen, simplifying the tax code and redirecting Obamacare back to the states. He also emphasized that he doesn't believe the country should be able to spend more than it brings in, noting a habit of deficit spending in Washington.
Herr said he is ready to launch a "very aggressive general campaign."
"We need to get out and meet people from all across the state and work hard for the funds to compete."
Herr is married and has five children, ages 9 to 21.
Many might see his run in a heavily Democratic state as an uphill battle, but not Herr.
"I see it more like a political marathon," he said.
Herr will run the Boston Marathon for the 25th consecutive time on April 21. He is raising money for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. He said he has a proven strategy to finish each year.
"We'll apply a lot the same strategy to the campaign," he said. "You can't go out too early or fast and need a good foundation of training . . . I firmly believe I can win this political marathon."