Special Town Meeting voters on Monday unanimously and decidedly voted to transfer $600,000 within the Bourne Landfill operating budget to allow the disposal facility’s construction debris (C&D) sorting center to reopen off MacArthur Boulevard.

The session may have been the shortest in Bourne history. Some 129 voters checked in for less than 10 minutes of action. There was no discussion or debate. Finance Committee Chairman Mary Jane Mastrangelo explained the fiscal-transfer reasons, keeping to prepared remarks.

Some $400,000 will be transferred from landfill profits to the expenses section of the overall operating budget. Similarly $200,000 will be transferred to the facility’s reserve fund.

So the C&D center that receives wood, metal, and masonry from local and regional haulers will reopen, likely to the satisfaction of state environmental authorities who were concerned about the facility’s closure would impact broader C&D operations.

Mastrangelo reassured voters that steps will be taken to alleviate the situation in which landfill budgetary transfers in the future would not need Special Town Meeting authorization. They include increasing the landfill’s reserve fund by $600,000, reviewing year-to-date spending prior to conclusion of the May Annual Town Meeting warrant, and researching better financial reporting software so better landfill decisions can be reached by selectmen, the board of health, and the finance committee.