A glimpse at what the future might have in store for the Sylvester and Salmond schools was presented to selectmen Monday, Sept. 17 by Traggorth Companies LLC.

While there are still “many meetings” left before any major decisions are made, according to Hanover Selectmen Chairman Emmanuel Dockter, the two options company president Dave Traggorth presented were mixing school administration and residential in Sylvester School, or going with residential only.

“The school department is currently in the Salmond School and if it were to move, we would need to consider what to do with Salmond School,” said Dockter. “That was a topic in the charge of the Sylvester and Salmond School reuse committee. It’s definitely not a new idea to look at both of the buildings together and it’s an option that we need to discuss with the school department.”

If the residential only option is chosen, it will contain no more than 29 apartments with between 10 to 25 percent of them considered “affordable” by state standards.

Traggorth said he would like to work with the town and the town’s affordable housing trust. The company plans to use federal and state historic tax credits along with other private financing for the project, Traggorth said.

The school auditorium will be considered amenity space and Traggorth will likely incorporate the courtyard space into the residential plan.

If the school administration and residential option is chosen, no more than 25 apartments can be created, 20 dedicated parking spaces can be created in addition to other parking spaces

Traggorth was the sole bidder for the project, but the town could have rejected the offer if it was not up to their standards.

“The reuse committee had some concerns with the Sylvester School as it is given the limitations and being able to change the state of the building given that the building is not currently accessible and different floors,” said Dockter. “One of the reasons Center School was chosen was because Sylvester School wasn’t really an option long-term for a school building. The same challenges that it faces as a school building are the same challenges that the developer faces.”

All of the students at Sylvester School will finish out the year at Sylvester School, while the Center School students will move from the old Center School to the new Center School being built. Once the old Center School is renovated, the Sylvester School students will move into that building, which will be the two Center School buildings combined.

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