A ballot measure that would mandate earned sick time, a proposal that has fared well in recent polls, is leading just within the 4.4 percent margin of error in a Boston Herald/Suffolk University poll released Thursday.

Question 4 is leading 47.6 to 43.4 percent. A MassINC/WBUR poll released Tuesday had the question up 59-31 percent. The proposal’s supporters say it will deliver a needed benefit to thousands of mostly low-income workers who have to currently have to choose between losing pay or going to work sick or staying home to care for a sick family member.

Critics of the proposal say it’s the first of its kind in the nation and will burden small businesses especially. The 500 respondents to the Suffolk poll were split over the virtues of the Affordable Care Act, with 46 percent saying it was generally good for Massachusetts and 43.8 percent saying it was generally bad.

Suffolk poll results on other ballot questions were more in keeping with recent polls. Question 1 repealing gas tax indexing, is shown losing 36-50 percent, a wider margin than some recent surveys. Question 2 expanding the bottle bill, was shown going down 29-65 percent. Question 3 repealing the casino gaming law would lose 34-59 percent, according to the poll.