MILFORD – The state doesn’t provide local communities with enough financial aid, said Kevin Kuros, a two-term state representative for the 8th Worcester District. But it’s getting there.

There’s $200 million authorized for local aid in the state’s budget, but it’s incumbent on local officials to make sure it’s allocated – something that takes experience and know-how, Kuros said Thursday in an interview with the Daily News.

“It takes a lot to learn how to do this job; there is a learning curve,” he said.

In his four years as a state representative, Kuros said hasn’t missed a vote, something many representatives can't lay claim to, he said.

If reelected, Kuros, R- Uxbridge, plans to get his four towns – Uxbridge, Bellingham, Blackstone and Millville – the state aid they deserve.

“I’ll continue to focus on great constituent services,” he said. “That’s where the rubber hits the road.”

Kuros serves on the joint committee for municipalities and regional government, and said there’s been a $1.5 million uptick in local aid since he took office, after a $2.3 million downturn the four years prior.

He attributes this to 41 state representatives with backgrounds in municipal government who were first elected to the Legislature in 2010.

“We’re people that have walked a mile in municipal shoes,” he said. “And I think it gave the State House renewed focus.”

Kuros was an Uxbridge selectman prior to taking state office.

If reelected, Kuros said he will also continue work to reform the state welfare system and, in the process, make the state “less attractive” for illegal immigrants.

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