The nonprofit group, Build the Boards, hopes to build the rinks at B. Everett Hall Field on Hanover Street, and a smaller one next to the basketball courts for younger players.

The money is in place and the designs have been created. Selectmen signed off on the project at the Monday meeting. All that’s left for the Build the Boards hat trick is for the voters to approve it.

The goal of the nonprofit group is to build two street hockey rinks, with the larger of the two at B. Everett Hall Field on Hanover Street and a smaller one next to the basketball courts for younger players.

“The voters have the overall say whether or not it gets built,” said Build the Boards member Chris Brown. “Every board in town, from the Community Preservation Committee (CPC), to the advisory committee, to the zoning committee, to park and recreation, and now to the board of selectmen here tonight, has supported this project. We just have the voters to decide this way.”

The total amount of the project is $291,000. According to Brown, the group is looking for $110,000 of CPC money with the remaining $181,000 coming from money raised by Build the Boards.

Both of the rinks will be made of concrete and the rink will be very sturdy, weather-protected with a steel frame, high-density plastic-wrapped boards that are UV-protected, according to Brown.

The boards will be roughly four-feet high with four-feet of chain link fence on top of the boards.

“The upkeep throughout the year will be pretty minimal with some WD-40 and possibly filling some cracks on the surface as it settles,” said Brown. “We are basing our project off of Marshfield’s and they have had no maintenance issues in the two years that they have had their rink.”

If problems do arise, a determination will be made through a Memorandum of Understanding. Build the Boards will seek the selectmen’s and town counsel’s input on developing a working document.

Ultimately, the funds will come from league fees from the players, tournament fees throughout the year, and sponsorship money from area businesses to place their names around the rink.

“The town is getting a lot out of this as they will be expanding the parking lot by 13 spaces and replacing one of the tennis courts with the smaller rink,” said Selectmen Chairman David Delaney. “The tennis courts there don’t get a lot of use since the ones at the high school are so nice. It will be a great thing for kids that like to play hockey.”

The annual Town Meeting will take place on Monday, May 7 at 6 p.m. at the Hanover High School auditorium.

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