To the editor:

Brockton Mayor Bill Carpenter has come under fire by DA Candidate Linda Champion, over his dealing with the panhandling issues Brockton is facing.

You're standing at a traffic stop, only to be interrupted by a knock at your window. You look up to see that it is yet another homeless pedestrian asking for money, but in fact it was the same one, who knocked on your window about an hour ago in downtown.

What Linda Champion does not understand is, by allowing panhandling to continue, citizens of Brockton would now also play a role in enabling the cycle of poverty. By citizens giving panhandlers money this would in turn feed back into the cycle of panhandlers asking for more. But as more and more panhandlers are being turned away, they will have no other choice, but to be forced to look for help and resources will be readily available to them.

The issue of panhandling is not one that can be solved overnight, but has now gradually started to decrease.


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